DStv HD PVR DECODER – R 1499.95




Long description

High Definition Television (HDTV)
Generally refers to TV with at least twice the vertical and horizontal picture resolution of current digital and analogue TV systems. This makes the picture at least four times as detailed and in 16:9 formats. Note that HDTV and DTV are not the same thing – HDTV is one format of DTV.

The HD PVR allows you to view one channel, while recording one other channel simultaneously.

It also offers you the following benefits:

  • Record 150 hours of standard definition TV (double the SD PVR) or 50 hours of HD TV.
  • 24 hour i-Plate
  • Surround Sound capability
  • Pause live TV programming
  • Rewind programming
  • Fast forward and slo-mo programming you have recorded

    The HD PVR also introduces a new feature called “Favourite Channels”.

    If you select your favourite channels, you get the following:

  • A personalised TV Guide, listing the schedules for just those channels.
  • A personalised viewing environment (like the current bouquets on other decoders) which includes only your selected channels.
  • This means that when surfing through the channels, you only see the channels you have selected, so no more hopping over unwanted or unavailable channels.
  • A Favourite Channels Grid similar to the existing channel grid, but listing only the channels you selected, making it easier to tune between channels.


  • Decoder
  • Remote

    Please Note: There is an additional monthly access fee of R70.00 for PVR Functionality.


    1. logan murugas

      Curerently I have DSTV DECODER WITH COMPACT
      PACKAGE. What would it cost to add another decoder in other words extra view in another room . I HAVE PURCHASED THE SECOND DECODER.

    2. Simon

      Hi there,

      Is this the TDS865IMC? Why does this decoder have less recording capabilities than the previous HD PVR TDS850IMC?

    3. Kenny


      If I switch over to the compact package.Will my PVR still works


    4. stephan

      Can I record on the HD pvr with a select 2 package???

      • admin

        No you will need to add this feature as an extra cost to your subscription fee.

    5. Charlene

      is the R1490 for installation? if so how much is the monthly fee for the PVR

      • Anne

        I have just bought a decoder for R599 (I think that was the price). I would like to change to a PVR decoder. Please let me know if there would be a discount if I returned the decoder. I still have the original box and only only had it for about 6 months.
        Thank you

        • admin

          Hi Anne,

          You can try to return it to the shop you purchased it from. They might swap it for you, but it all depends on how old the decoder is. They might have a problem if it is older that 14 days, so please hurry.

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